SerialNG Component

SerialNG is a wide used Delphi open source component for the use of the serial interface (COMM-Port). A lot of older and newer equipment like printers, GPS-Receivers and dedicated measurement instruments are using the serial interface (or there virtual replacements on the USB interface).

The component is working under all Windows flavours.

The SerialNG component was created in 1998 and the general development finished in 2005. Updates for Delphi 2005-2009 are available.

The XE version is not backward compatible and introduces newer software technology. The XE component requires a professional Delphi XE license.

Due to lack of time, only one demo project was translated to Delphi XE and to Lazarus/FPC.

Please notice the license found in the header of the source code.

Free Downloads:

SerialNG for Delphi 4-7:

SerialNG for Delphi 2005-2009:

SerialNG for Delphi XE:

SerialNG for Lazarus/FPC: